Aldo Spinelli

Aldo Spinelli was born in Milano on October 28, 1948.

He has been active as an artist since 1966 and he has shown his works in 30 one-man show and in almost hundred collective ones through galleries and museums of the world. The conceptual line of his works led him to the game’s environment. He now presents himself as an equilibrist on words whose aim is to  transform art into a game and vice versa, in a never-ending cycle wavering between form and content, signifier and meaning.

He has been vaulting between these two polarities for the past fifty years, presenting their aesthetic and dimensions respectively in museums, galleries, books, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows. He has been a member of OPLEPO – Opificio di letteratura potenziale (factory for potential literature – editor’s translation) and Italian correspondent for Oupeinpo — Ouvroir de peinture potentielle since 1991.

In 2008, words and images taken from his Spinelli’s artistic words were collected in a volume composed of one hundred picture stickers.