Franca Fioravanti

Franca Fioravanti, director, pedagogist, actor, and performer, founded the Teatro delle Nuvole (Theatre of the Clouds) together with Marco Romei in 1992, as well as the Scuola Laboratorio, a school-laboratory of theatrical research, experimentation and  creation: both places of poetical resistance/existence and of shared artistic experience. Lacking a designated space, the Teatro delle Nuvole has been re-inventing spaces and situations throughout its own history by collaborating with different artists. By using spaces in the city and non-conventional places, it brings theatre and relationships linked with drama into daily space, thus enhancing interpersonal communication and human relationships through the sharing process that characterises the creation of every new work in the theatre. Franca Fioravanti devised new approaches to theatrical education, known as “La voce e il corpo sonoro” (The voice and the body of sound – editor’s translation) and “Giochiamo al Teatro” (Let’s play theatre – editor’s translation), which are intercultural projects and drama workshops specifically for prisoners. She has collaborated with the University of Ferrara and the University of Genova, with museums and contemporary art galleries, with the International Festival of Poetry in Genova, and was invited to the X Congresso Mondiale di Mediazione (10th World Convention of Mediation – editor’s translation). She edited the volume Il Cielo Interiore (The Interior Sky) for Titivillus, and  is the author of the project Paesaggi (Landscapes), a video for which she received a special mention from La Spezia Short  Movie Awards – Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio (International Short Movie Festival – editor’s translation) for taking the freedom of art into prisons. She is a member of CeNDIC and of Coord. Naz. Teatro in Carcere- CNTiC.