Julien Friedler

Born in Brussels in 1950, Julien Friedler is a writer and contemporary artist. After studying philosophy and ethnology, he studied psychoanalysis in Paris. He then adhered to the post-structuralist theories of Jacques Lacan, while beginning a personal psychoanalysis with him.

During the 1990s, he created “La Moire” in Brussels, an institute that promotes an

interdisciplinary approach in the field of psychoanalysis. He wants to break the constraints of classical psychoanalysis.

Julien Friedler began his career as an artist in 1997, focusing on painting, a form of art through which he confronts contemporary post-modern society.

Today, he continues to create and write. He is the founding President of the Spirit of Boz association which works for the establishment of a collective work and defends contemporary Art in all its forms.