Mauro Panichella

The work of Mauro Panichella is a continuous search for dialogue between the real and the virtual worlds and manifests itself with a strong relationship between nature and technology.

His subjects are animal anatomical forms, molluscs, crustaceans, insects, bones, fossils, shells that he finds and collects to implement a process of storage and documentation using a scanner as a camera. The spirit of this research is a great evolving project, which involves each and every natural situation, as in a stream, which is pushing up on the symbolic interpretation through video-installations, lights and electro-mechanical mechanisms.

Mauro Panichella has participated in several collective and personal exhibitions in Italy, France, Slovakia, Spain, Hungary, Portugal and Austria. In 2010, he participated in the project of the residence of Jeune Creation EuropƩenne, Paris, and in 2011 he began working with Unimedia Modern Contemporary Art where, thanks to the interest of Caterina Gualco, he approached the world of Fluxus Art.

He features collaborations with the John Erickson Museum of Art and with international artists (Ben Vautier, Cesare Viel, Ben Patterson, Eric Andersen, Antonello Ruggieri, Mauro Ghiglione and Philip Corner). In 2014 he started the project, together with the French artist Ben Vautier. In 2015 he exhibited in the Villa Croce museum of contemporary art in Genoa and in the same year he was a guest at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice.