The labyrinth in architecture
– pilgrimage –

Fragment nr. 8 point 3 from “The Truth of Labyrinth”

With the aid of globalization we will work towards the uniformisation of people’s conscious, which is pushed, tailed, harassed by the need to be efficient. After which imagining an economy based on Giving will seem futile, dangerous even. Most people will think that this is the act of a lunatic who is chasing a chimera.

Maria Rebecca Ballestra, in collaboration with Lucia Palmero
3 videos, photographs (20 x 30 cm each)
Variable dimensions

Since the age of Gothic art, the image of the labyrinth – an effigy often depicted on the mosaic floors of cathedrals – acquired the symbolism of the pilgrimage, or of the atonement progress. With 5 MINUTES FREE ZONE, a work created in collaboration with visual artist and activist Lucia Palmero, Maria Rebecca Ballestra wants to reflect on the extremely cogent topic of migratory flows,seen as the pilgrimage of unfortunate people who move from their motherlands towards new destinations, in search of a better world.

Maria Rebecca Ballestra has always lived in a border area such as Ventimiglia and with this work she reflects on recent events linked with immigrants blocked between Italy and France, who camped along the cliffs next to the border between the two countries for a long time. The work presents video-interviews with these immigrants, who had been previously given the chance to recharge their mobile phones thanks to the installation of a beach umbrella made of solar panels created by Maria Rebecca Ballestra and Lucia Palmero. In this way, they were able to use their phones again and even to call home.

Just like in a labyrinth, immigrants do not have precise knowledge of their geographical position and this condition of continuous loss, of not being geolocalized, likens them to Medieval pilgrims, who often did not have the technical and intellectual tools to actually know where they were and which was the right direction towards their final destination.

Agorè, via Rastello 49, Gorizia
10 February – 3 March 2018
Thu – Fri – Sat, 4 pm – 7 pm