The prehistoric labyrinth
– mistery –

Fragment nr. 23 from “The Truth of Labyrinth”

But then what? What should we say or think about the unspeakable slaughter which takes place under our very eyes every day? Billions of people die, in every human or animal generation. War, the struggle of the species, celestial slaughterhouses which continue without stopping. Time eats away at us, dries us out, and will end up engulfing us. We feel as if a dark, destructive and merciless power walks by our side and guides the aesthetic forces. Is beauty death’s twin?

Maria Rebecca Ballestra
L’isola delle lacrime (Isle of tears), 2017
photographic print and mirror
70 x 100 cm

Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Il tempo capovolto (Time Reversed), 2017
prints on paper (30 x 40 cm) and stones
Variable dimensions

Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Estetica dell’orrore (Aesthetics of the Horror), 2017

This stage of the project takes inspiration from the Solovki Islands: an archipelago in northwestern Russia close to Finland, a few kilometres from the Arctic Circle. On these islands there are ancient stone labyrinths, whose original function is today unknown. One hypothesis is that they held a religious function, that is to say, they could have been places where particular rites were celebrated. In the fifteenth century, an important monastery was also located in the Solovki Islands. During the Russian Revolution, it was desecrated and the cathedral was transformed into a dormitory. In the 1920s the monastery, whose position prevented any attempt of escape, was transformed into the first gulag of the Bolshevik regime.

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